Student Information

Requesting Classes

Begin by meeting with the Education Program Leader for your site to discuss funding. Work with your direct supervisor to ensure your course plan will be supported and then contact Brigitta Schumacher-Bradley at UC Davis to discuss course options and place a formal request.

The best way to determine appropriate course choices is to work with the DLP coordinator and staff graduate adviser for your program. These staff members are experts on the requirements for your program. You will find descriptions of courses in the UC Davis General Catalog. Once you have determined the courses you wish to request, notify Brigitta Schumacher-Bradley. The instructor will be contacted to determine if she or he is willing to move this course to the Distance Learning Program classroom.  There are always a few popular classes with instructor preapproval that we anticipate offering. Recently these include MAE 250a, MAE 259, EMS 260, EMS 268 and EMS/MAE/ECE 245. 

Scheduling priority for the DLP classrooms is managed as follows:

  1. Students admitted to an engineering degree program
  2. Students planning to apply to an engineering degree program and who are requesting a graduate course (200 – 299)
  3. LLNL employees wishing to take a graduate engineering course
  4. Upper-division engineering courses for students already enrolled in a UCD engineering graduate program may be considered on a case-by-case basis after the above priorities.
  5. Lower-division courses (001 – 099) will not be offered in the DLP

For students enrolling through OPEN CAMPUS:

All students enrolling though Open Campus are responsible for knowing information presented on the Open Campus website.

When your course request is approved, you will need to submit an Open Campus enrollment form. Send your Open Campus registration form to Brigitta Schumacher-Bradley. Once that form is received, the process of establishing your UC Davis computing account will begin. You will not have access to course recording until your computing account has been established. Your enrollment forms will be forwarded to Open Campus and will be processed approximately one week prior to the beginning of the quarter. Prior to the beginning of the quarter, the DLP classroom coordinator will add you to the course website on CANVAS.

  • Open Campus Courses: A UC Davis Extension Open Campus Program brochure can be obtained from the Open Campus website. Read the brochure thoroughly as it contains information on all aspects of taking classes through the Open Campus Program.
  • Enrollment Applications: Complete a Open Campus Enrollment Form for each class you wish to take. All DLP courses are available for Open Campus enrollment. Fill in the information requested and sign the application. Do not fill in the instructor’s signature or the Dean’s Office approval. The DLP office will complete this information when we receive your registration form. Send your form to Brigitta Schumacher-Bradley at UC Davis
  • Payment of Fees: The amount you pay depends on the number of course units you will be enrolled in.  For a 4-unit class, the total Open Campus fee is $1200.

Quizzes and Exams

Most midterms and final examinations are proctored on Zoom. Occasionally an instructor will request that you come to the Davis campus to take an exam, or for a final project with an oral presentation. Requests for alternate exams, quiz times and Zoom presentations can be submitted to accommodate work obligations, but the instructor is not required to approve such requests. Please provide Brigitta with a schedule of all your exams to ensure a proctor is appropriately scheduled. The proctor will forward completed exams to the instructional staff. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that each page is labeled with the student’s name, the page number and the course number and that submitted assignments received by the instructor are legible and can be accurately read by instructional staff