ECS 271: Machine Learning and Discovery

Computer Science

TR, 4:40-6:00
Professor Davidson
Units – 4
Prerequisite: ECS 170
Lecture: 3 hour.   Project: 1 hour.  Artificial intelligence techniques for knowledge acquisition by computers.  Fundamental problems in machine learning and discovery.  Systems that learn from examples, analogies, and solved problems.  Systems that discover numerical laws and qualitative relationships.  Projects centering on implementation and evaluation.

MAE 217: Combustion

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MW, 2:10-4
Professor Shaw
Units:  4
Prerequisite: Engineering 103 & 105  & EME 106
Lecture: 3 hours.  Discussion:  1 hours. Restricted to graduate students.  Review of chemical thermodynamics and chemical kinetics.  Discussion of reacting flows, their governing equations and transport phenomena; detonations; laminar flame structure and turbulent combustion.

EMS 274: Advanced Mechanical Properties of Materials

Chemical Engineering & Materials Science

MTWR  9-9:50
Professor Susan Gentry
Units:  4
Prerequisite:  EMS 174
Lecture: 4 hours.  Comprehensive study of mechanical properties of materials, with special attention to dislocations and deformation and fracture control mechanisms. Mechanical properties of conventional engineering materials as well as advanced materials such as nanocrystalline solids and thin films are considered.

ECS 272: Information Visualization

Computer Science

MW, 6:10-7:30pm
Professor Ma
Units – 4
Prerequisite: ECS 163 (Information Interfaces) or ECS 175 (Computer Graphics)
Lecture: 3 hour.   Advanced topics in information visualization: perceptually effective display methods, color design and selection, interaction models and techniques, focus-context techniques, distortion methods, large graph visualization techniques, visual data mining methods, and evaluation methods.

ECS 235A: Computer & Information Security

Computer Science

MWF, 10-10:50
Professor Bishop
Units – 4
Prerequisite: ECS 150 (Operating Systems & Systems Programming) and ECS 152A recommended (Computer Networks)
Lecture: 3 hour.  Discussion: 1 hour.  Modern topics in computer security, including: protection, access control, operating systems security, network security, applied cryptography, cryptographic protocols, secure programming practices, safe languages, mobile code, malware, privacy and anonymity, and case studies from real-world systems.