MAE 216: Thermodynamics

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MW, 2:10-4
Professor Shaw -4 Units
Prerequisite: Engineering 105 (Thermodynamics)
Lecture: 3 hours.  Discussion:  1 hours.  Study of topics important to energy conversion systems, propulsion and other systems using high temperature gases. Classical thermodynamics and quantum statistical mechanics of nonreacting and chemically reacting gases, gas mixtures, and other substances.

MAE 223: Multibody Dynamics

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

M-W, 10-12
Professor Ravani – 4 Units
Prerequisite: Engineering 102 (Dynamics).
Lecture: 4 hours. Coupled rigid-body kinematics/dynamics; reference frames; vector differentiation; configuration and motion constraints; holonomicity; generalized speeds; partial velocities; mass; inertia tensor/theorems; angular momentum; generalized forces; comparing Newton/Euler, Lagrange’s, Kane’s methods; computer-aided equation derivation; orientation; Euler; Rodrigues parameters. (Same course as Biomedical
Engineering 223.)

MAE 238: Advanced Aerodynamic Design and Optimization

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MWF, 12:10-1
Professor Van Dam -4 Units
Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor.
Lecture: 3 hours.  Discussion:  1 hour.  Application of aerodynamic theory to obtain optimum aerodynamic shapes. Both analytic solutions and solutions obtained with numerical optimization techniques will be examined. Includes introduction to the calculus of variations and numerical optimization techniques.

MAT 128B: Numerical Analysis


MWF, 11-11:50
Professor Cheer – 4 Units
Prerequisite: Computer Science Engineering 30 (Programming and Problem Solving) or equivalent; courses 21C (Calculus); 22A (Linear Algebra) or 67 (Modern Linear Algebra)
Lecture: 3 hours; project.  Solution of nonlinear equations and nonlinear systems. Minimization of functions of several variables. Simultaneous linear equations. Eigenvalue problems. Linear programming. Programming in language such as Pascal, Fortran, or BASIC required.

MAT 228B: Numerical Solution of Differential Equations


T-Th, 2-3:30
Professor Puckett -4 Units
Prerequisite: MAT 128C ( Numerical Analysis in Differential Equations)
Lecture: 3 hours.  Discussion or term paper:  1 hour.  Numerical solutions of initial-value, eigenvalue and boundary-value problems for ordinary differential equations. Numerical solution of parabolic and hyperbolic partial differential equations.

ECI 289F: Meshfree Methods and Partition of Unity Finite Elements

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Professor: Sukumar -4 Units
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
Lecture: 4 hours. Advanced discretization techniques such as meshfree methods and partition of unity finite elements for the Galerkin solution of boundary-value problems in solid
and structural mechanics. Application of meshfree and extended finite element methods in computational fracture.

EME 134: Vehicle Stability

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MWF, 11-11:50
Prerequisite: EME 171 (Analysis, Simulation and Design of Mechatronic System)
Lecture: 3 hours.  Lab: 3 hours.  Introduction to the static and dynamic stability characteristics of transportation vehicles with examples drawn from aircraft, high-performance automobiles, rail cars and boats. Laboratory experiments illustrate the dynamic behavior of automobiles, race cars, bicycles, etc.

MAE 239: Advances in Finite Elements & Optimization

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MW, 12:10-2
Professor Sarigul-Klijn -4 Units
Prerequisite: Engineering 180 (Engineering Analysis) or Applied Science 115 (Numerical Solution of Engineering and Scientific Problems) or Mathematics 128C (Numerical Analysis in Differential Equations).
Lecture: 4 hours.  Introduction to advanced finite elements and design optimization methods, with application to modeling of complex mechanical, aerospace and biomedical systems. Application of states of the art in finite elements in optimum design of components under realistic loading conditions and constraints. Offered in alternate years.  (Same course as Biomedical Engineering 239.)

EMS 274: Advanced Mechanical Properties of Materials

Materials Science

MTWR  9-9:50
Professor Gentry -4 Units
Prerequisite:  EMS 174
Lecture: 4 hours.  Comprehensive study of mechanical properties of materials, with special attention to dislocations and deformation and fracture control mechanisms. Mechanical properties of conventional engineering materials as well as advanced materials such as nanocrystalline solids and thin films are considered.


MAT 167: Applied Linear Algebra


MWF, 4:10-5
Professor Cheer -4 units
Prerequisite: MAT 22A (Linear Algebra) or MAT 67 (Modern Linear Algebra); knowledge of a programming language.
Lecture: 3 hours; extensive problem solving.Applications of linear algebra; LUand QR matrix factorizations, eigenvalue and singular value matrix decompositions.