MAE 210A; Advanced Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

T-Th 10:00 – 11:20 AM
Professor:  Aldredge – 4 units
Prerequisite: Engineering 103(Fluid Mechanics), 105 (Thermodynamics) and Mechanical Engineering 165 (Heat Transfer)
Lecture: 4 hours.  Development of differential equations governing continuity, momentum and energy transfer. Solutions in laminar flow for exact cases, low and high Reynolds numbers and lubrication theory. Dynamics of inviscid flow.



BIM 102; Quantitative Cell Biology

Biomedical Engineering

MW, 10-11:50
Professor Yamada – 4 units
Prerequisite: Biological Sciences 2A; Chemistry 8B.
Lecture: Lecture: 4 hours. Fundamental cell biology for bioengineers. Emphasis on physical concepts underlying cellular processes including protein trafficking, cell motility, cell division and cell adhesion. Current topics including cell biology of cancer and stem cells will be discussed.

ECI 280: Nonlinear Finite Elements for Elastic-Plastic Problems

Civil & Environmental Engineering

T-Th, 10-11:50
Professor Jeremic – 4 Units
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
Lecture: 4 hours.  State of the art finite element methods and tools for elasticplastic problems, including computational techniques based on the finite element method and the theory of elastoplasticity.

ECI 205: Continuum Mechanics

Civil & Environmental Engineering

T-Th, 4:10-6
Professor Dafalias – 3 Units
Prerequisite: EEC 201 (Introduction to Theory of Elasticity)
Lecture: 3 hours.  Tensor formulation of the field equations for continuum mechanics, including large deformation effects. Invariance and symmetry requirements. Introduction to nonlinear thermoelasticity and thermodynamics. Solution of three-dimensional problems. Selected topics.

ECS 220: Theory of Computation

Computer Science

T-Th, 10:30-12
Professor Franklin – 4 Units
Prerequisite: ECS 120 (Theory of Computation) and ECS 122A (Algorithm Design and Analysis)
Lecture: 3 hour.  Discussion:  1 hour.  Time and space complexity classes. Reductions, completeness, and the role of randomness. Logic and undecidability.

ECS 222A: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Computer Science

T-Th; 4:30-6
Professor Gusfield – 4 Units
Prerequisite: ECS 122A (Algorithm Design and Analysis),  Statistics 131A (Introduction to Probability Theory) recommended.
Lecture: 3 hours. Discussion: 1 hour.
Techniques for designing efficient algorithms, analyzing their complexity and applying these algorithms to a broad range of application settings. Methods for recognizing and dealing with hard problems are studied.

EEC 212: Analog MOS IC Design for Signal Processing

Electrical and Computer Engineering

T-Th, 12:10-1:30
Professor Hurst – 3 Units
Prerequisite: EEC 210 (Mos Analog Circuit Design)
Lecture: 3 hours.  Analysis and design of analog MOS integrated circuits. Passive components, single-ended and fully differential op amps, sampled-data and continuous-time filters.

EME 198: Introduction to Heating, Cooling and Ventilating Buildings

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

T-Th 10-11:50
Professor Modera – 4 Units
Prerequisite: EME 106
Lecture: 4 hours. Introduction to basic mechanisms and processes associated with heating, cooling and ventilating (HVAC),
including equipment and systems used for HVAC in residential and commercial buildings.