ECI 245A: Applied Environmental Chemistry

Civil & Environmental Engineering

MW, 12:10-2
Professor Young -4 Units
Prerequisite: Engineering 105, Chemistry 2B or the equivalent, course 140; Chemistry 2C or 107A recommended.
Lecture: 4 hours.  Chemistry of natural and polluted waters. Topics include chemical, kinetic and equilibrium principles, redox reactions, gas solution and solid-solution equilibria, thermodynamics, carbonate systems, coordination chemistry, interfacial phenomena.

ECS 236: Computer Security Intrusion

Computer Science

TR, 6:10-7:30pm
Professor Karl N. Levitt
Units – 4
Prerequisite: ECS 150; ECS 153 recommended
Lecture: 3 hour.   Concepts of intrusion detection, anomaly detection based on machine learning, signature-based detection using pattern matching, automated response to attacks using artificial intelligence planning, tracing intruders based on principal component analysis, security policy languages.

ECS 251: Operating Systems

Computer Science

TR, 10:30-11:50
Professor S. Felix Wu
Units – 4
Prerequisite: ECS 150
Lecture: 3 hour.     Models, design, implementation, performance evaluation in operating systems. Algorithms, internal architectures for single processor OS and distributed systems. Concurrency control, recovery, security. OS kernel-level programming. Special topics embedded systems, real-time system, device driver, NPU (Network Processor Unit).

MAE 237: Analysis and Design of Composite Structures

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MW, 12:10-2
Professor LaSaponara
Units:  4
Prerequisite: Engineering 104 or equivalent
Lecture: 4 hours.  Modeling and analysis methodology for composite structures including response and failure. Laminated plate bending theory. Introduction to failure processes. Includes discussion of aerospace structural analysis.