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Heidi Steiner Arnold College of Engineering, UC Davis

MAE 210A; Advanced Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

T-Th 10:00 – 11:20 AM
Professor:  Aldredge – 4 units
Prerequisite: Engineering 103(Fluid Mechanics), 105 (Thermodynamics) and Mechanical Engineering 165 (Heat Transfer)
Lecture: 4 hours.  Development of differential equations governing continuity, momentum and energy transfer. Solutions in laminar flow for exact cases, low and high Reynolds numbers and lubrication theory. Dynamics of inviscid flow.



BIM 102; Quantitative Cell Biology

Biomedical Engineering

MW, 10-11:50
Professor Yamada – 4 units
Prerequisite: Biological Sciences 2A; Chemistry 8B.
Lecture: Lecture: 4 hours. Fundamental cell biology for bioengineers. Emphasis on physical concepts underlying cellular processes including protein trafficking, cell motility, cell division and cell adhesion. Current topics including cell biology of cancer and stem cells will be discussed.

ECS 223; Parallel Algorithms

Computer Science Engineering

T-Th, 10:30-11:50
Professor Amenta – 4 units
Prerequisite: Course 222A (Design and Analysis of Algorithms)
Lecture: Lecture: 3 hours. Models of parallel computer systems including PRAMs, loosely coupled systems and interconnection networks. Parallel algorithms for classical problems and general techniques for their design and analysis. Proving lower bounds on parallel computation in several settings.

BIM 202; Cell and Molecular Biology for Engineers

Biomedical Engineering

MW, 2:10-4
Professor Yamada – 4 units
Prerequisite: Biological Sciences 104 or Molecular and Cellular Biology 121
Lecture: Lecture: 4 hours. Preparation for research and critical review in the field of cell and molecular biology for biomedical or applied science engineers. Emphasis on biophysical and engineering concepts intrinsic to specific topics including protein traffic, the cytoskeleton, cell motility, cell division, and cell adhesion. Modern topics in mechano-biology of cancer cells and stem cells.