Student Information

Student Information

Requesting Classes:

The Distance Learning Program is customized to fit your needs.  Begin by meeting with the Education Program Leader for your site to discuss funding.  Work with your direct supervisor to ensure your course plan will be supported and then contact the graduate program coordinator for your area of study to determine appropriate course choices.  Once you have a list of recommended courses, contact Alin Wakefield at UC Davis to request a course be placed on the schedule. The national lab deadlines for requests are:

Fall Quarter: September 1
Winter Quarter: December 1
Spring Quarter: March 1

In order to best ensure that  the course you choose is available, you must submit your requests for courses no later than five weeks prior to the beginning of the subsequent quarter.  While you can make a request after this time, it is more difficult to secure space in the DLP classrooms. The best way to determine appropriate course choice is to work with the staff graduate adviser for your program.  These staff members are experts on the requirements for your program.  The appropriate adviser for your program is listed on the program page that you can navigate to through the Engineering Graduate Studies website.  You will find descriptions of courses in the  UC Davis General Catalog. Another source of information for current course offerings would be the individual department websites or the Class Search Tool. Once you have determined the courses you wish to request, notify Alin Wakefield (530 752-1650).  The instructor will be contacted to determine if she or he is willing to move this course to the Distance Learning Program classroom.

Student Commitment: It is very important that you plan early and think very seriously about your commitment to the class you are requesting. Arranging a class to be held in a DLP classroom involves a number of individuals: the department, the instructor, the Registrar’s Office, DLP staff and the camera operator. Changing your mind after all arrangements and changes have been made can impact the willingness of those involved to be flexible in the future.

Registration Procedures

Registration for students in a degree program:

Students that have been admitted to a degree program are responsible for understanding information about registration on the Office of the Registrar.

Specific information about registering for courses can be found on the Register for Classes site.  Graduate students are not assigned pass times. You may enroll in classes any time during registration operating hours. Please see Key Dates for specific registration dates.

Transcripts for students matriculated in a degree program can be ordered through the Office of the Registrar at the end of each quarter (see below for Open Campus transcript information).

Registration for students not admitted to a degree program through University Extension’s Open Campus

All students enrolling though University Extension Open Campus are responsible for knowing information presented on the Open Campus website.

Deadlines for turning in your enrollment form is two weeks prior to the start of instruction but it is strongly recommended that you turn in your registration card as soon as your course is approved for the DLP. This time is needed to allow your enrollment information to be processed, computer account to be set up to provide access to the course recordings and to be added to the course web site by the time classes begin. Because you are not a matriculated student, you will have to be added to the course website manually by the instructor. Send your completed registration form to Alin Wakefield (530-752-1650) at UC Davis.

* Open Campus Courses: A UC Davis Extension Open Campus Program brochure can be obtained from the Open Campus information page.  Read the brochure thoroughly as it contains information on all aspects of taking classes through the Open Campus Program.

* Enrollment Applications: Complete a UC Davis Open Campus (concurrent) Enrollment Form for each class you wish to take. All DLP courses are available for Open Campus enrollment. Fill in the information requested and sign the application. Do not fill in payment information, the Open Campus office will contact you for payment information.  Do not fill in the instructor’s signature or the Dean’s Office approval, the DLP office will complete this information when we receive your application. Send your application to Alin Wakefield (530-752-1650)  at UC Davis.

* Payment of Fees: The amount you pay depends on the number of course units you will be enroll in (see Open Campus brochure). You may pay either by check or credit card.  A representative from UC Extension will contact you directly to obtain your credit card information after your completed application is submitted to the Open Campus Program office by the DLP staff.  Your credit card will not be charged until the enrollment process is complete.

* Library Cards: When enrolling in an Open Campus course, students may request a library card application, which can be taken to the Shields Library circulation desk to obtain a UC Davis library card for the quarter.

* Enrollment Verification: The Open Campus Program office will send an email verification of enrollment and a copy of your receipt for payment to the email address you listed on the application. If you do not hear from the Open Campus Program office one week prior to instruction starting, please contact the Chris Vincenti (530-757-8563) at University Extension.

* Late Enrollment: Please check the open enrollment application form for current dates.

* Withdrawal from Courses: Please check the open enrollment application form for current deadline dates. A request to withdraw from a course must be received in writing (by mail, fax, email or in person) at the UC Davis Extension Student Services office by the published final day for schedule adjustment (add or drop) deadline. Refunds for course withdrawals will be granted, minus a $30 processing fee for each course, if you state “withdraw with refund” on your written request.

*Transcripts: Information about ordering transcripts at the end of each quarter can be found on the Open Campus website.

Creating Your Computer Account and Obtaining a UC Davis Email Account

Open Campus students are eligible to create a UC Davis computing account once their enrollment is final. Having a campus computing account allows you to have a UC Davis email account and access to the campus computing labs, MyUCDavis and CANVAS or SmartSite. Some courses require that you access these websites.

MyUCDavis is a web portal that enables each visitor to personalize features to reflect his or her interests and needs.

Instructors often use Canvas or SmartSite to organize their courses, and to interact and collaborate with students.  You can create your campus computing account online at or by phone at 530-754-HELP (4357). You must provide your birth date and social security number to create a campus computing account.


Assignments, class notes, and other materials are provided by the instructor on CANVAS or SmartSite or course websites or through other electronic means. Homework assignments should be sent via email or course website, depending on the arrangements the student has made with the instructor.   It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that each page is  is labeled with the student’s name, the page number and the course number and that submitted assignments received by the instructor are legible and can be accurately read by instructional staff. When sending homework files electronically, the file name should include the course number, the assignment number and the student’s name.

How To View a Recorded Lecture:

Lecture videos are viewed through the course Canvas or SmartSite by selecting “Lecture Videos” from the menu bar. Some instructors post videos on their course website. The DLP staff can provide you with the URL if neither of the above are utilized by the instructor.

Student Responsibilities:

The Distance Learning Program staff is happy to assist you in making your distance learning education a positive experience. We will try to do everything we can to implement course selections, streamline registration, and assist with obtaining faculty signatures on various forms. It is your responsibility, however, to know the deadlines, request the proper forms, and allow the DLP office sufficient lead-time to obtain the appropriate signatures.  Plan ahead.

Whether you enroll as an Open Campus or a degree program student, if you wish to drop a class you must comply with the deadlines and requirements of the Registrar’s Office, and University Extension’s Open Campus Office to avoid academic and financial penalties. Please notify Stephani Shone  (530 752-2850) to stop the transmission charges that are assessed for each DLP class. If you drop a class without notifying your site coordinator, you may receive an “F” on your transcript and be responsible for tuition charges and the cost of webcasting the class.

Please consult your instructor regarding problems with deadlines due to your work responsibilities and travel conflicts.

Camera operators are instructed to follow the board work, not the instructor. Each classroom experience is unique and each instructor has a unique style; a style which works for one instructor and a particular course may not work for another. If you have any specific requests for the camera operator, please contact Stephani Shone (530-752-2850).

Quizzes and Exams:

Most midterm and final examinations are taken at LLNL with a proctor. Occasionally an instructor will request that you come to the Davis campus to take an exam, or for a final project with an oral presentation. Request for alternate exam and quiz times can be requested to accommodate work obligations, but the instructor is not required to approve such requests.  Please provide the Education Program Leader at LLNL with a schedule of all your exams to ensure a proctor is appropriately scheduled. The proctor will forward completed exams to the instructional staff. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that each page is  is labeled with the student’s name, the page number and the course number and that submitted assignments received by the instructor are legible and can be accurately read by instructional staff.

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