DLP Program Overview

The UC Davis Distance Learning Program (DLP) is an outreach program intended to help fulfill the UC Davis mission of teaching, research, and public service. The DLP program is a partnership with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)  that is separate and independent from the University graduate and extension offices. DLP allows employees at LLNL and Sandia National Laboratory (SNL) to take classes and pursue a graduate degree via the Internet without greatly reduced need to commute to the Davis campus. Many practicing engineers who take DLP classes would not be able to regularly attend UC Davis classes. Selected UC Davis classes are held in specially equipped studios and recorded classes can be posted to course websites for viewing.

Students can find information about courses in the on-line UC Davis General Catalog. Within each department is a list and description of courses offered. DLP students select and request classes to be recorded from this list. The DLP staff then works with the academic department to schedule your request in one of two DLP specially equipped classrooms. The staff also arranges for camera operators and administrative support services. When you register for a course through the UC Davis-Distance Learning Program, you are required to pay the standard UC Davis tuition or University Extension Open Campus fees for that course.

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