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Course Descriptions - Spring 2014

Instruction begins: March 31
Instruction ends: June 5
Final exams: June 7, 9-12
Quarter ends: June 12
Academic Holidays: May 26

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Biomedical Engineering

BIM 255; Biophotonics
T-Th, 12:40-2
Professor Chuang - 3 units
Prerequisite: Physics 108 and Biology 101-105; course 202 highly recommended.
Lecture: Introduction to the science and technology of biomedical optics and photonics, with an overview of applications in medicine and the life sciences. Emphasis on research supported by the NSF Center for Biophotonics at UC Davis Medical Center.

Civil & Environmental Engineering

ECI 212B; Finite Elements: Application to Linear and Non-Linear Structural Mechanics Problems
T-Th, 8:00-9:50
Professor Rashid - 4 units
Prerequisite: ECI 212A (Finite Element Procedures in Applied Mechanics)
Lecture: 4 Hours. Application to linear and nonlinear structural mechanics problems. Linear elasticity, weak form, and finite element approximation. Incompressible media problems. Non-linear problems with material nonlinearity.

Computer Science Engineering

ECS 240; Programming Languages
T-Th, 9:00-10:20
Professor Su - 4 units
Prerequisite: Courses ECS 140A (Programming Languages), ECS 142 (Compilers)
Lecture: 3 hours. Discussion: 1 hour. Advanced topics in programming languages, including formal syntax and semantics, the relation between formal semantics and verification, and an introduction to the lambda calculus. Additional topics will include language design principles, alternative programming language, in-depth semantic theory and models of language implementation.

ECS 258/EEC 273; Networking Architecture and Resource Management
MW, 2:10-4
Professor Chuah - 4 units
Prerequisite: ECS 152A (Computer Networks) or course 173A (Computer Networks) ECS 252 (Computer Networks) recommended.
Lecture: 3 hours. Project: 1 hour. Design and implementation principles of networking architecture and protocols. Internet, ATM, and telephony case studies. Topics: Internet technology; application and services; resource management; Quality of Service (QoS) provisioning; traffic engineering; performance evaluation and future research issues.

ECS 289F; Data Bases
T-Th, 12:10-1:30
Professor D'Souza - 4 units
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor
Lecture: 3 hours. Special topics in Data Bases.

ECS 289H; Big Data Visualization
T-Th, 4:40-6
Professor Ma - 4 units
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
Lecture: Special topics in Computer graphics.

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

MAE 297; Seminar
Th, 4:10-5
Professor Shaw - 1 units
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
Lecture: Discussion: 1 hour. Current topics in engineering including developments in mechanical and aeronautical engineering with presentations by students, faculty, and visitors. May be repeated for credit. (S/U grading only)