Getting Started

Getting Started

The first step towards succeeding in your Distance Learning Program is to become acquainted with the LLNL site coordinator, Carol Musto at (925) 424-5479 or Kristy Sibert at SNL (925) 294-2075. They can assist you with eligibility and funding questions.  To select coursework, you should work directly with the graduate program coordinator in your area of interest.  Contact information for these advisers can be found on the individual program websites.   Once you have selected a course, and the instructor has agreed to teach in the DLP, you may choose to enroll as an Open Campus student, continuing student, or as a student enrolled in the graduate engineering certificate programs.

Open Campus Enrollment:

Many students begin with University Extension Open Campus enrollment while waiting to be admitted to a degree program. You may be allowed to transfer up to 12 units of credit for post-baccalaureate work taken through Open Campus Program enrollment prior to admission to a graduate program. Check with your department’s graduate adviser before taking a course through Open Campus to establish that it is transferable to a degree program. When taking courses through Open Campus enrollment, you are not a matriculated student but generally up to 12 units taken through Open campus enrollment can be transferred and used towards degree requirements if you are admitted to a degree program.  Application forms for Open Campus are available on-line.

Continuing Enrollment:

After you have been accepted to a degree program through the Office of Graduate Studies, you may enroll as a continuing student. Application information for admission to a graduate program at UC Davis may be obtained visiting the  Office of Graduate Studies website,  or by going to the individual engineering graduate program websites.

Graduate Degree Certificate Program:

Advanced Chemical Engineering Certificate offers chemical engineers, and professionals in related fields, the opportunity to obtain fundamental knowledge and in-depth training in UC Davis graduate-level courses in chemical engineering during the course of two academic quarters (six months).

Note that fees for a Certificate program are different than fees for the formal graduate program, but the courses are the same and can be applied toward an advanced degree if the students wishes to pursue further education. There is no need to be formally admitted to the graduate program to participate in these courses and the Certificate program.

For qualified participants, the Certificate programs offers an accelerated pathway for the master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering at UC Davis.

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